Welcome! I am Xiaoxiao Shen, a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. My research interests span from comparative political behavior, political psychology, and authoritarian politics to quantitative methods. My specific focus is on understanding citizens’ political attitudes and behaviors in authoritarian countries through the lens of psychology.

I obtained a B.Sc in Mathematics with Statistics from Imperial College London and an M.Phil in Social Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. My work has appeared in British Journal of Political Science, Governance, and World Development.



  • Yang, Wenhui, and Xiaoxiao Shen. ”Can Social Welfare Buy Mass Loyalty? Evidence from China”. Governance (2020). Read here

  • Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Rory Truex. ”In Search of Self-Censorship”. British Journal of Political Science (2020). Read here

  • Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Kellee S. Tsai. ” Institutional Adaptability in China: Local Developmental Models under Changing Economic Conditions ” . World Development 87 (2016). Read here


The Role of Psychological Needs in Understanding Heterogeneous Propaganda Effects ”, Dissertation Book Project in Progress.

The Characteristics of Chinese Psychological Needs and Their Correlations to Political Attitudes ”, Read here

The Effects of Forced Versus Selective Propaganda Exposure in China ”, Read here

When Propaganda Resonates”, Read here

Introducing ReChat: A Tool for Studying Online Interpersonal Communication ”, with Will Schulz.

When Does Self-Interest Trump Ideology in Authoritarian Regimes? ”, with Dongshu Liu. Read here

Propaganda for Hearts in Autocracy ”, with Jung Chen. Read here

Measuring Populism: Evidence from China ”, with Jiehan Liu. Read here

Political Knowledge as a Moderator of Partisan Motivated Reasoning: A Meta-Analysis ”, with Jiehan Liu.

Chinese Propaganda System and Strategies ”, with Jiehan Liu.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Singapore Government’s Anti-Misinformation Strategies ”, with Qingyan Wang.


ReChat : An integrated and interactive chat tool that allows you to administer, monitor, and analyze live conversations. URL: https://reso.chat/

Xiaoxiao Shen. Provisional U.S. Patent Application No. 63/210,303; Princeton Docket No. 21-3825-1 (June 2021).

Xiaoxiao Shen. Permanent U.S. Patent Application filed, No. 17/839, 621 (June 2022).



Chinese Politics

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Quantitative Social Science

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Head Preceptor, Teaching Assistant, Princeton University

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Comparative Politics

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Teaching Assistant, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


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